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Most of the maps are finished, we're have about 3 WIP, one nearing completion and 2 that are early - mid stage, so hopefully those two can haul a bit of ass.

At this stage we have 6 really good maps done and the starting map also mostly done (although it will be quick to finish)
So we'll likely have at least 7 solid maps, and the other 2 we will see how they go.

In the end this project is about helping people learn quake mapping and create something they're proud of, and we're not worried about deadlines or being on time for anything. The deadlines are more "motivation points" so that this doesn't drag on forever. We're not accepting new mappers, so now its all about finishing off the 3 that are currently WIP.

You can have a screenshot of my 1st map, which had to be aborted after I realized it was full of errors and "degenerate edges" and couldn't be compiled. I started from scratch a few months ago and have finished my map since then - even balanced and tested for MP!

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ticking along, trying to add a bit every day. Eidtor screenshots look pretty meh from the outside because its all flat exterior stuff that the player will never see.

Here's an in game shot though

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