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Pulseman is an interesting mix of Mega Man/ MMX and Sonic the Hedgehog. It borrows elements of both, but doesn't have the weapon upgrade of Mega Man. It is a fun game, with great looking graphics and sound. It was never released as a cartridge in North America, and only available on the SegaNet service in US/ Canada. It was released in Europe. This game was developed by Game Freak.


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ITT: Post literally anything interesting about retro games or gaming history from that same time period.

In Pulseman, a Genesis game by Game Freak before they made Pokemon, a seeminly meaningless message appears in the game's intro. A user on nicovideo actually was able to decipher a coded message seen in the intro and learned it was an actual conversation between two characters in the game..When deciphered the message actually revealed plot elements of the game never known before, this was a full 20 years after the game's release.

Translated version of Japanese video:

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And this is coming from a Pokémon fanboy.

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