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How many CRT's is too many?

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still taffing
>play The Sword
>getting real sick of the shit Thief pulls on Expert
>Ok I've done it I'm playing on hard after this one
>when trying get the extra objective about finding incriminating evidence on Constantine I notice a tongue in one of the pillars
>access a whole new area I've never even came across the first time I played
>it starts a small diorama of a town and then you go down some plumbing to end up in the Thief equivalent of a Rats map
>you get the objective by reading a gigantic fucking note on gigantic fucking desk

Well fuck I guess they don't call him the Trickster for nothing.

I did notice a bug where the objective gets bugged and you lose it if you read the letter from the architect that is located in the gardens, so you should be warned to only read one of those notes or you are going to get stuck in an unwinnable map.
Good thing I had a save.
Fucking Trickster.

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I wonder if the coders put in some sort of fuck you measure in case you chug a lot of them in quick succession

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well shit its not dolphin porn
you are my hero anon

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>tries making a wad inspired by doom 1 maps but it's way too short
>tries making a wad that's open and has lots of puzzles but it's too boring and too long

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>tfw no Doom streams for two weeks

Is Jogbel dead?

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Oh, never thought I'd see my map on the stickies even if I'm a nobody, thanks anon!

I have to fix a couple of details Vertigo mentioned in his Doomworld review but still, thanks!

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Or idclip yourself to the start those who remember it.

Anyways NOW you can test it. Sorry for that.

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The newest GZDoom has huge input lag with vsync on. If I turn it off my laptop fan turns on due to the heat from rendering 500 FPS.

RIP in piss

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Monster girls that are literally monsters that happen to be female are the best

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>- Imps and zombies have a very rare chance of playing an Archvile's see sound on see.

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G-get the kerosene!

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Hey Mark, if you're still here, good job for v20 and Project Brutality it amazes me the work you put in here, congratulations for such mod man, but here are and hot opinions and bugs:
-(don't know about PB) there is still that bug on dead burn corpses in which they got hitbox, but now if you kick them they explode, effectively removing the hitbox but leaving a damaging flame. I found it twice with former humans killed by monster infight.
-The hellfire missile launcher shots the proyectiles sometimes too upwards: they go in a +30ยบ angle from the original target, don't know if if should work like this
-Every time I see a Spider Mastermind with walkable space (for her) she goes stuck and starts "dancing" without targeting me at all for 15 seconds or so. If she doesn't have walkable space she targets as usual.
-Grenades feel too powerful, like they have a bigger splash radius than rockets and seem to do slightly more damage. This and be obtainable only from backpacks are a mixed feel. Also, they seem to explode too quickly after pull out the pin.

Project Brutality
-If you akimbo you cannot use the mousewheel to change to the other guns
-The ammo HUD is a bit... overdone, like you cannot see the total shells or standard shotty couters but there is the 4/4 and 16/16 counters for sawed-off akimbo and combat shotgun respectively. This is using the "alternative" HUD option in GZDoom.
-(Don't know if it's a feature) I've seen twice mancubus attack themselves like former humans do

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Newfriend here. What's a good sourceport to play Doom/Heretic/Hexen on?
I'm looking for something that just increases the max resolution to modern standards without filtering the shit out of everything nor adding stuff like mouse look and jumping.
In essence, I'd like to keep the experience as close to the original as possible.
So far I've tried Zandronum, GZDoom (and DosBox) and I'm not fully satisfied, but I don't know if they just need some setup.
Any advice?

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dem stained glass tittays

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Got it, thanks.

Played a bit, holy shit this is fucking fun. I look forward to future updates.
>tfw playing with Rules of Nature in the background
Also, will there be any updates to Metroid in the future?

It's fun, and worth playing, I'd say. Why not get it on PC?

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>Heavy Melee combat, ripping out body parts MK style.

RIP AND TEAR confirmed?

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>that lack of trigger control
>that sweeping

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That's some serious rippin' and tearin'.

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>and stayed in hell to make sure no more demons spawn in forever

So many demons
So much ripping and tearing

Doomguy might be in Hell, but he's in his own personal Heaven.

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