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Not bad!
Could use some vaseline to cover all those jaggies tho

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Only posers got into Evangelion for the psychological aspect.
True pioneer patricians come to Eva for the action scenes and stayed for the rest.

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Usually if you google something like "evangelion ost blogspot download" you will find stuff.
Soulseek is also a good p2p that still works and has a lot of people sharing stuff.

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It's not a "great game" by any measures, but considering how hard would it be to make an actual Evangelion game that follows the events on the series, at least it tries. And as another anon said, it has pretty graphics. The game is pure fanservice, in a way.

Gameplay-wise, there game has different kind of game modes (not just QTEs, there's only 1 mission that has actual QTE).
A big part of the game are the battle 1 on 1 missions. They seem slow and clunky at first, but it's not meant to be played as a fighting game, or at least not a traditional fighting game. It's a giants fighting game.
It involves building up a power gauge (synchro ratio) and performing different commands to attack the angels, including breaking through their AT Field (which requires pummeling or button mashing) and then performing special moves. The battle system in Eva 64 is actually taken from the Ultraman games for SFC, also made by Ban Dai, and it kind of makes sense considering Ultraman is one of the main influences on Eva.
It's really not an impressive or deep game system, but getting the hang of it kind of makes it a little more fun, especially pulling off different special attacks. Playing without knowing the commands can be boring and confusing.
Then other missions include aiming, rhythm mini-games, and more pummeling.

It's very reccommended if you liked the anime, otherwise it can only be interesting as a technical showcase of the N64 due to the high polycount and detailed models. It's probably one of the best looking games on the system.

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The one that feels the most "simulation-like" is the N64 game, although many of the missions are weird, most of them remain true to the original scene (I personally liked the Magmadiver mission where you have to look for Sandalphon on the lava).

The mahjong game for the GBC was made by Gainax, they had many of these for PC, I think the Saturn also got some Evangelion or "Shinji and friends" mahjong game.
The GBC game in particular is called "Mahjong Hokan Keikaku" (mahjong instrumentality project).

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