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on the topic, shame people today are complacent with shitty microtransaction games. mobile gaming was so promising when it first kicked into gear or "became a thing" shit like dead trigger, the modern combat series, Zenonia 1-3 (last one is literally inexistent now, hell I don't think you can even play it if you find an apk, it was a very fun rpg game), all of this running on a shitty 850mhz CPU with 512mb of ram, this was the future of smartphone gaming, and it would only get better. fast forward to 2018/19 and everyone has phones with specs that rival mid-high end computers from a year ago, with 16gb of ram and a 3.8 octa core CPU, and dedicated graphics chips, but all the top games are either clones of clash of clans, or clones of the same gacha game with pretty jpegs and gameplay consisting of opening your wallet and mashing in your credit card info to get the ultra rare 5 star png of the month

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>Mario Brothers

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It's probably in development hell
>tfw Alyson Court will

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>Me and my wife were playing on our Retron™ 5
>she said it reminded her of games like Shovel Knight and UNDERTALE
>how graphics and gameplay were similar
> I think the board should define retro once and for all in a non arbritary manner.
> if we're going by age we should consider six gen retro
>because it brought cutscenes to gaming
>we should be able to talk about games like UNDERTALE here, because it's retro styled

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