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>download unloved
>"I bet it's not scary at all"
>start playing

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updated my updated updated update, the explosive projectiles were going off instead of passing through actors of the same species

hopefully this is the final build

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that's terrifying

their backs look like anime versions of the scout from TF2


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> perfect dark
> challenge 29
> challenge 30
> mfw

I never won Challenge 29 without tricking the game...

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Well fuck me, I'm at the Ice Cave right now so I don't think I will go back and do that again, and yeah I've been stealing from everything that moves, pretty annoying because some times Zidane just won't steal anything for many turns.

Noted about Freya winning the festival, thanks for the info!

I didn't had much hard time with that minigame, I got 96 the first time, 72 (for some reason) the second, and 100 on the third, I thought I was going to get 99 or something. I think I'm trained by modern games on QTE related stuff...

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>the cutoff happened between Gen 2 and Gen 3
>you will never use your Gen 1 Pokemon in the latest Pokemon games
>you can't even do that with the remakes

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>it's 1998
>nine years old
>casually browsing the internet for nintendo related sites as usual, discover a place serving nes games
>download donkey kong and several other games, they were tiny enough to finish quickly and fit on my floppy
>unzip, try to execute the .nes files
>none would run

it took a while longer until i discovered nesticle and zsnes. not knowing english at the time didn't make the process easier

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Fucking WHY.

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For the love of fuck please post his e-mail so I can rip him a new asshole.

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Here's something that just happened to me.
>Be in Pewter City Gym
>First guy there challenges me
>All I have is Charmander
>Beat Diglett easily
>Here comes Sandshrew
>Nearly all my attacks miss
>I'm at 3 HP
>Go for final blow
>Sandshrew lives with 1 HP
>Kills me

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OP here

I can't tell what zombies are yellow and which ones aren't. The colors are so fucking cheesy looking.

Also, I can't kill this mother fucking Butcher. He keeps stun locking my ass.

I'm using the Sorcerer.

>My face when that Butcher just keeps swinging and I can't do jack shit.

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