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I just discovered a cool Famicom game I never knew about and want to know if there are others that I'm missing, so here's to a 'I didn't know this game existed' thread.

My submission is Getsufuu Maden (this is how it's referred to on different websites, though google says it's 'Getsu Fuma Den'). It's a Konami sidescroller with an RPG-esque overworld (like Zelda 2, only you can't walk very freely and there are no random encounters). I found out about it through googling an unrelated baseball game I saw on ebay, and I'm surprised to find that it's very good. I'm more the type to expect a game to not be exported due to it not being very good, but in this case I think it was seen as way too Japanese to ever translate to Western markets. Either way, I've never heard of it anywhere before today, and thought it was worth pointing out to people.

What are some games that you have found that you have never seen mentioned before and have more or less never heard of outside of the event by which you learned of them?

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