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>Press F to Pay Respects

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Gone too soon. It's not your fault your creator was a sperg and tard. We shall remember.

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Sometimes it's just best to let the past be the past. Sometimes we just have to let it go and move on. The dead don't come back. Life gets busy, not always of our own choice. Except this time but who can blame us for needing to have our name in every little thunderclap of a project? But that's neither here nor there. Much like an update. But we'll always remember them in our memories. Even if we can't actually remember the last time they managed a pulse. But that's life.

Sun gotta burn out.
Birds of the Shrike species gotta impale their prey on pointy sticks.
Assassin bugs gotta wear the corpses of their prey.
Ducks gotta corkscrew penis rape vagina mazes.
DOOMCOM gotta furries, schizophrenic and ADHD normalfag meme ecks dees.

That's life.

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Long distance relationships never work out. What was the one you just had to let go of? Tell me her name /unf/general.

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At what point can you consider a mod, for all intents and purposes, dead in the water regardless of what excuses its maker gives? I'm sure everyone has seen it countless times before, it's certainly nothing new to the community. Eventually it just stops updating and even though it's not officially abandoned, it is in all practical senses. Sometimes it happens because the creator vanishes. Sometimes the creator becomes heavily involved in the community and gives up all personal pursuit and creativity to become a smaller cog but in far more machines, coders and artists are prone to this. Sometimes the creator just loses all interest. At what point do you tend to just stop following a WAD for lack of creator interest, or end up in the state where even if it finally updates you don't care too much anymore? Or does that never happen for you and/or you simply check back now and again to see if anythings been done?

People often debate at what point this happens and if one can ever consider something really unofficially dead since the community is so geared towards the long term.
But we do know it happens. It just stops all regularity and people stop expecting it to update and it becomes an unending "maybe".

What point, if at all, do you consider this to happen?

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