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so, what is the way to play this game?? you see, me and my brother played this game 15 years ago, logically we played it once, as any other videogame, and, logically, moved on. years later we saw that there exists this thing called mr x and we're like "oh look, these fuckers put the tyrant from the dammation movie in the remake, fucking idiots" but then we learnt that tyrant was in the original game, and we were like what the fuck, we never faced him or anything like that
so, how does that work? we have both cds (Leon and Claire), but I can't seem to understand how that works. it souns like revelations 2 mechanic (doing x thing with barry clears x path for claire) but that makes sense since it's the same cd.... how does that technology in og resident evil 2 work?? what the fuck is "Leon A" and "Leon B"? what, I need to complete the game 4 fucking times?!?!? pure bullshit. I can't recall any other game that does this bullshit

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