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Oh good point! But it apparently required the use of an also unreleased accompanying cartridge that provided enhanced performance for the saturn so it could more closely port SEGA arcade model 3 games. Maybe it was a new 3D chip inside that used triangles

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In the USA, it almost always played second-fiddle to other fighting games at the time.

VF1 - 1993-95
The first fully 3-d fighting game, but it also looked like total shit. In 93/94 Killer Instinct, the Street Fighter series, the SNK fighting games, etc. all had beautiful graphics, presentation, and were more fun to play compared to VF arcade. In 1995 The Saturn VF port sucked (as did the 32x port that barely ran) and when it was compared to Toshinden, a 3-D fighter with horrible controls yet with a fun cast of characters and flashy effects, VF1 looked even worse. VF Remix wasn't enough to get people to take Saturn's 3-d capabilities seriously.

VF2 - 1995-97
In arcades VF2 did ok in the States, but it was only on the Saturn and not many people owned a Saturn. Compare this the huge install base for PS1, and the arcade-perfect port of Tekken 2 and though VF2 is a better game it was overshadowed by Tekken 2 and other PS1 fighters of the time.

VF3 - 97-99
Planned to be a Saturn port with some special hardware adapter included to run it (pic related), it was cancelled on Saturn and I never saw it at any arcade I went to. When it finally was released on Dreamcast in the states, it not only missed the launch but it was also another sub-par port and Soul Calibur and Dead or Alive 2 were much more popular.

Post 2000 - VF4 - The first VF on a non-sega system and it was actually a huge hit on the PS2. It sold more than enough to be a greatest hits title and the VF4 Evolution upgrade version was only $20 new when released and it sold really well too.
VF5 did well and the final version of VF5 that was a download only version always had players on it back when I was really into it about 5 years ago.

I think it achieved success when it was finally free of doomed Sega hardware. It's a wonderful series. I doubt there will be a VF6- The fighting game landscape is very small- Smash bros and SF5 are what most people play now :(

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Shame the Saturn never got VF3. I still enjoyed the (rushed) DC port, but I have a weird fetish for heavily cut down ports, like Doom on SNES and the Game Boy Mortal Kombats.

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