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That's a big stretch there anon. It's far from that.

The point of BJ's father was to show why the protagonist hates nazis so much.
Which itself is dumb,everything BJ went through in Old Blood and New Order was enough. Companions dead or tortured,forced to choose which one had to die etc.

BJ's father would've been better if he was a man who did his best to maintain the family but that lead nowhere which explains why is so aggressive,money is not enough.
The could've done two things with the dog scene:
1)"The dog has been sick for days,we have to put it out of its misery,come with me BJ,I'll teach you how to kill"

2)"We're running out of money,we don't have more options,this is what we must do in order to survive"

Something better than "this dog bite me,kill it".

Why am I saying this? Because before you meet your father again,you see another flashback where you think their relationship is going somewhere but it doesn't.
BJ's dad is nothing but a plot device.

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I don't even know what are you doing either anon but it's looking sweet.

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Wolfenstein 3D remixes are seriously underrated


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