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>December 25th, 2000
>I am 16 years old
>Christmas morning has come and gone, everything is getting settled down
>my best friend has come over and is staying the night
>my parents ask if we would like to go for a drive and look at the snow
>on the way we stop at my other best friends house
>he has received a dreamcast and shenmue for Christmas, this is a huge expenditure for his poor family (and would be for mine as well)
>myself, and my two best friends sit side by side in his tiny bedroom on a futon while he plays the opening segments of Shenmue

One of the single comfiest moments of my entire life. And somehow it sticks out to me as a sort of "end of an era" for video gaming in some ways seeing how all three of us had enjoyed playing the incredible releases of the past four years starting with Super Mario 64 in 1996.

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