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Paula don't hurt me, no more~

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I miss ytmnd

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Yeah. I was an RPG fag at the time. So from late 80's through 90's I was in the golden era. Top it off with being a youth,into my teens the games were right in my wheel house. If anything I see how "shitty" they are now as opposed to then. I wonder if it was not for nostalgia how much would I enjoy these games now. Now that my cynicism is out the way, NO. I did not think I was playing an all time classic. I preferred FF6, Breath of Fire 2, and Phantasy Star IV at the time. Good game, fun game, but for me it was 2nd tier. And as the 32 bit era ushered in I think I would rate it a little lower. The fact that Cross was a WTF of a game don't help the legacy.

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You can have my whole project folder:

Here's the ROM used for the webm:

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