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That's it. Fuck the bullshit.
You want in a fucking community mapping project? Then here it is!

>Make a claim to a place in this thread, I will take note, I'm always watching.
>Deadline is Thanksgiving because I'll be thankful if this even gets done


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The new version of Internal Conflict is out, and they (the dude making IC and a few of his friends) are testing out the new versions at night on zandronum.

A lot of things were fixed, and now it's a lot more engaging and actiony instead of campy. Instead of regen ammo you start with full ammo in weapons 1, 2, and 3; each kill now unlocks a new weapon for that round: 4, 5, 6, and 7. It seems that once you unlock weapon 4 you keep it for the rest of that map.

>everyone now starts with their use-able item (invuln armor for zombiemen, death decoy for revenant, armor for mancubus, super dodge for imp, super summon for archvile, etc.)
>each kill refills your first 3 weapons and gives you 1 item use and 1 secondary item as well as unlocks the next weapon
>Lost Soul is now a super dangerous allaha jihad
>Archvile main attack fixed, also impossible to just spam monsters all day everyday, but you start with that 1 special summon and full regular summons
>It's slightly harder to spam landmines as Zombiemen It still won't save you
>Some of the maps got minor fixes to various lifts/switches

The new changes are fantastic for preventing camping since the player with more kills will have more weapons, more options, and probably will do more damage. I think the server is still up, and if you haven't played it before then now would be a great time to start; especially with all these new changes. Plus, the maps (most of them) are fan-fucking-tastic.

I know I'm always down to play.

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>If you're looking for more variety from your multiplayer, you can make it yourself via the new Snapmap technology. This empowering and easy-to-use creation engine lets players dream up their own challenges, design levels, program enemy A.I., and even create new modes.

>The creation tools support four-player co-op as well so you can make horde-style challenges or tower defense modes with waves of enemies.

>All of the creations can go across all the platforms...

Holy shit, this is all I wanted with Doom4. I was going to just consider Doom4 to be like a super fancy mod of Doom2, but it makes me so fucking happy to see that they're adding in some kind of editor. I'm pretty hyped for this now. I wasn't before, but damn I'm slowly getting hyped.

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I'm just throwin' this out there that Demonsteele is the most fun I've had in awhile.

>all dat wombo combo
>all dem special attacks
>straight up Iron Maiden

I'm surprised it hasn't gotten more "publicity" as taking melee combat in Doom to a whole 'nother level. Also, mixing it with OBLIGE and vince's (still a WIP) bossifyer is, like, the cherry on top.

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>oh, looks like some Doom3 mod
>see light gem


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The new Shadow Warrior has that thing where you'll come across two rabbits that start fucking, and if you kill the female then the male turns all demonic and starts chasing you around.

It's the small things that count.
Also all those reloading animations with full ammo where he just checks the magazine/clip/whatever in different ways before putting them back. Fuck I loved that shit.

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Awwww yeeeeeah mutha fucka!
Desperados vamos con dios!

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I liked being able to roll. Anything that gives the player more manueverablity is a plus in my book; everything else is pretty crap though.

>rolling around at the speed of sound in TDM

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>"I'd take your dog tags, but I don't deal with baby bracelets."

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Internal Conflict on Team LMS
Hostname: /vr/ Demon Dogpile
Password: vidya

The more the merrier.

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Internal Conflict Team LMS server up!
Hostname: /vr/ Demon Dogpile
Password: vidya

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