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Oh I've got such a good one! Okay guys hear me out on this: RoG - I'm Gonna Beat Pacman!
It evokes all kinds of relevant themes on a couple levels, including but not limited to
>old arcade vidya
>credit feeding
>game beating obsession
>obscure bullshit almost nobody cares about anymore (the song, not pacman)
Plus it wouldn't just be a fucking videogame theme song, which I think would be kind of a lame choice. (also the song is good)

>I Wish (Skazi Brutal Remix)

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patrician taste

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Because you're responding to some loser on the internet as if you owe it to him to entertain his opinions rather than ignoring him like a rational person. Either it's true or you're super fucking easy to anger, either of which aren't exactly good personality traits to have.

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