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Probably. Was there any confirmation that a compat flag fixed those things or...?

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Kingpin: Life of Crime is now in the mega!

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Did Fresh Supply get an update? Any anons willing to upload the update file from GoG?
Also currently uploading Sigil to the mega. Should be under "expansions" in the iDTech 1 folder.

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If I'm being honest I've stopped caring about the medium in which things are distributed on. The medium is inconsequential to the experience it's supposed to provide.

>Normies just have no real deep passions
I wouldn't say that. Almost every man I meet and have gotten to good terms with have revealed they have some weird autismo-esque hobby they enjoy at a more than beyond surface level. All the dumb as a rock retarded hicks I've met are autistically into guns and cars and most of the "jock" kids I met have a wide range of hobbies, ranging from unicycling to music to video games to anything at, again, a more then surface level.
I've probably known at most one or two girls (sisters) who actually into anything. Of course both anime and video game nerds but it was at a very basic level. Zelda and Naruto tier stuff. When I asked them about Evangelion they said they haven't even heard of it. Anyone else unironically just seems to have a hobby of watching TV, browsing facebook or other social media all goddamn day.

I don't think they don't exist I just don't think I've seen any examples. I just see women who describe themselves as into something have very base opinions and tastes. I sincerely doubt that any females there are many females that have the very minimal amount of autism required to browse and post on a board like /vr/.

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