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Been experimenting with different color models for Doom paletting. The RGB method is just Photoshop doing its own thing, the others are converting a big LUT to that color space, converting the palette to that color space, using Photoshop to palette it that way, then replacing the palette with the normal RGB Doom palette to keep the arrangement of colors. Also experimented with smoothing out CIELuv by using a 2D LUT to arrange the hues in a circle instead of an oblong shape https://www.researchgate.net/figure/The-iso-hue-curves-in-CIELUV-space-14_fig2_297354285 and it looks better than the non-smoothed one so I didn't include that one.

They handle subtle and saturated colors differently. Check out rip the skin's tones in Jzazbz and Luv, the paintings, the problem colors like magenta and dark blue, etc.

Any recommendations for demo images? I want to show off the differences better.

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