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>one of the better emulated games
>even has an editor
how I know you don't try n64 emulation since 2003?

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try to read the post at least
>Although it could not be officially confirmed
>It’s thought to be a publicity stunt driven by the modder

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>Vasyan's mod literally looked like it was using UE or Unity
I wonder sometimes if you play other games outside of doom mods

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I guess anon is argentine and the submarine was a german 1984 tr-1700 so is retro

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looks very professional made, anon, it sure is an example of something somewhere

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>I got Unreal Gold off GoG just now and I can't get it to run.
what about >>5553086

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>"One third of the puzzle has been solved"
I want to like that game but Jesus fuck that infuriates me the most about Hexen.

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