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Why is Romero's idea of difficulty just making you spend 40 seconds shotgunning a couple barons/cacos.

Like goddang if you wanted to test my patience, you definitely succeeded there, John.

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Hey guise, if I make a WAD with two maps, can I call it a megawad? :)

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I'll repost this tier list made by some random anon a while back

I'd really love it if we could polish and add more stuff to it, then post it in the OP, that'd be neat.

>Alien Vendetta
>Deus Vult 2*
>Eviternity* (later maps)
>Going Down
>Hell Revealed 2 (probably the easiest slaughterWAD ever made)
>Neogothic Movement*
>Plutonia 2 / RCP
>Scythe 1 (last 10 maps) / Scythe 2 (last 10 maps)
>Speed of Doom
>Sunder (hardest one)
>Sunlust (2nd hardest one)

Plutonia and harder with no or little slaughter or other absurd gameplay:
>Ancient Aliens
>Eviternity* (most of it)
>Plutonia (obviously)
>Scythe 2 (mid 10 maps)

Significantly easier than Plutonia:
>No Rest for the Living
>Scythe 2 (first 10 maps)
>Ultimate Doom E4
>TNT / TNT Revilution*

>Doom 2
>Scythe 1 (first 20 maps)
>Ultimate Doom E1-3

* haven't played, guessing based on what little gameplay footage I've seen

Keep in mind that a lot of slaughterwads have skill level support and either HNTR or HMP is somewhere around Plutonia level of difficulty.
What's the purpose of your list? Just curiosity or do you want some gameplay recommendations to push your skill at the game further? In the latter case post what you can already handle decently well (and define how you understand "decently well").

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That's SIGIL, anon.
How have you not played his mapset yet?

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i am happy that you are amused

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Someone email him a link to the latest release of Trenchbroom. Put his ass to work.

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Yes, I yoinked most of the stuff from Caligari's modlist, although it's not the exact same


I use footsteps.pk3 instead of Immerse, and I don't use the Motion Blur because that's a meme, imo.

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So who's setting up the Sigil multiplayer for the weekend?

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