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This is such a good game. Until you get to the medical labs.
Wish it was different

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>you don't understand the concept of "sequel", which is to build upon a framework, not directly imitate.
but it barely fucking imitates it . . . im autistic? in its sum of its parts and individual components, Halo is a massively different game in execution.

i dont even think you understand the concept of a 'framework' dude. are you gonna tell me doom 3 and Doom 2016 is a 'doom' game when its totally different from 1/2/64? are you gonna tell me Crysis 2 is a 'Crysis' game? are you gonna tell me Timesplitters 3 is a 'timesplitters' game when its almost totally different from 1/2?

a retard's thought would be: "they are part of the same series! it has the name! so yes!"

but if you played these games, if you were fucking alive at the time, you would know the most controversial thing about them is they almost completely disregard/change the frameworks the original games established fuckhead.

going by retard logic, pic related is the best unofficial GE sequel ever made!

it has bond in space fighting aliens and mutants btw.

>you shitting and screaming because it's a console shooter (that also happens to be on Mac and PC)
now who's being disengenuous here? its like Halo was, and still is, a console centric franchise with the PC ports coming out later.

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I don't think there's ever been a series that fits the bill better

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Red pill me on this game. And what's so bad about the second one?

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