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KH can be good if you can laugh at it when the Disney characters try to be serious.

KH1 is a fun ARPG/platformer
KH2 on critical is a top tier action game. Stomach the tough beginning, and if you are a DMC or Ninja Gaiden fan you’ll adore it by the end game.

After that it’s up to you if you want to proceed further as the games become VERY different to what came before them.
>chain of memories is a weird action card game with a decent story
>bbs is another action card game but very different from chain of memories, on crit it plays similar to Sekiro
>358/2 is a neat experiment that does a decent enough job porting KH to the DS but definitely shows it’s age. Still, it’s the story is pretty nice and feels a bit like a Japanese radio drama, it’s also very uncompromising with where it goes and is the last time the story was actually decent in the series in my opinion
>re: coded is sort of like a bunch of mini games that constantly change up the games formula. It’s pretty throw away, but if you were a fan of Chain of Memories then towards the end it gets neat
>DDD is pretty bad all around. There’s one feelsy-ish moment, but the gameplay and the worlds are all around lacking and worse than what came before it
>KH3 plays nothing like 1 or 2, but on Crit there is definitely some fun to be had. It doesn’t reach the heights the first two games set, but it’s decent enough.

Something to keep in mind though is that the series is not meant to have an ending and will keep going till they can’t make money out of it, so if you want a conclusion pretend it ended with 2.

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