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I took an extra 20 minutes and decided to polish up Saturday Night Codeine according to feedback and to polish up the final rooms.
I'm aware this puts me over the time limit, so I'll leave it up to the organizer as to whether to include it or stick with the original.


- Decorated and detailed the final rooms.
- Changed music to "Progressive Rock" from "Return of the Incredible Machine".
- Fixed some stimpacks spawning in the sky.
- Added a bit more health, armor, and ammo.
- Fixed a SR40 sequence break. I'm usually all for sequence breaks, but they've gotta require a bit more effort to do than that.
- Added stairs to get back to the spawn point in case someone falls off too early.
- Widened the cave area so it's easier to run through and not as easy to get caught on geometry.
- SSG teleporter flashes a lot more obviously.

There's a small drawseg overflow in one corner, but it's an extremely tiny area and doesn't seem to actually affect anything so I haven't fixed it.
I actually like this map, in the end. It's not perfect, but it was fun to make and is fun to play through.
Thanks for hosting, organizer guy.

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Honestly, if I was to do a Doo/m/ project, it probably wouldn't be too much different from how the Iron Maiden is handled in DemonSteele.
Start off in unarmored form, fight a little bit bare-knuckle in order to build up momentum/ammo--once you get enough momentum, you can transform into a super-powered armored form, which lasts until either a heavy enough blow (like three rockets at once or something) sends you careening or you die.

Different weapon pickups would probably be different gear which all cost momentum/ammo to use (and can't be used while untransformed), while beating dudes up with your fists has a chance to keep it replenished.

If someone wanted to nick the Iron Maiden system and tweak it a bit in order to make their own Kamen Rider-style project, I'd be willing to help out a little. Obviously, DemonSteele and Push are my main projects at the moment so I wouldn't be able to drop everything to do everything, but I'd still be willing to help out where I can.

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I'm just going for getting the weapons and a test level done, man. Just a concept build. If anyone wants to hop on board after that, I'd happily accept the help, but I don't want to go "~*~DO STUFF FOR ME~*~" until then.
Not looking forward to doing the map, because I am a fucking terrible mapper, but eehhhhh.

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I pay for the game and leave. I don't have a NES, so I'd sell it.

If someone is stupid enough not to price check the games they're selling, it's their own fault. Period.

>Buy it and move on. Their kid won't be around long enough to enjoy it and they've got bigger problems than a measly 10k game being sold for $10

Then I'd save the blood money, and go on with my life.

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