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Basically, Asuka and Shinji are reflections of each other. They desperately want to be loved, but they are scared of being hurt. Shinji hides away in his shell and Asuka is a massive bitch to everyone, but they are practically the same person. They are both terrible people who isolate themselves emotionally, it's just that they do it in different ways. Shinji is socially awkward and wants normies with girlfriends to die painfully, while Asuka genuinely despises everyone and believes she is superior to them in every way.

The fact that she's only 14 and already this fucked up is delicious. She would've ended up in a mental institution if the world hadn't become tang.

How the fuck did EVA inspire so many shitty stereotypes? The emo crybaby protagonist, the tsundere that acts like a bitch, the silent autistic doll girl... It's like everyone misinterpreted the series and only imitated it at a surface level.

Even the EVA spinoffs fall into this trap. Hell, the characters in the Rebuild movies seem to be... what the fans expect them to be, rather than what they really were in the original series. Shinji is a pathetic little bitch but doesn't actually hate normies and wants to do good. Asuka acts like a cunt but doesn't actually think other people are inferior trash. What the hell is this shit?

I guess it's cool if you wanted EVA to be a more typical mecha anime with cool fights and shit. But the spirit of the original isn't really there. It's an entirely different thing.

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