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>that revenant ziggurat 1 min in
I'm somewhat agitated.

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i used to play turok I before going to elementary school when it came out.
the music still is more adrenaline inducing to me than it should be.

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>july 2, 1999
considering overall video quality and those shots from inside the car it wouldn't have surprised me if harris or klebold started talking into the camera.
considering the in-game footage it wouldn't have surprised me if the enemies started screaming "mayn läbn!".

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Me again, >>1393476

German here, did a research on RGB cables for Nintendo consoles once

You pretty much have 3 options
>buy a original Nintendo RGB which is around 45€
>there was a good Vidis cable which is impossible to find nowadays
>the Wolfsoft one which is even better than the original Nintendo one but costs 86€ and more, the YUV one starts at 130€+

That's it

All the so claimed "RGB" cables in the price range from 5-25€ are just hidden composite ones, thats no actuall RGB

I don't know if RGB cables for Sega might be way cheaper, but if you want one for Nintendo then 45€ is the lowest you get

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