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>video .ogg
Teach me your ways.

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>>2577391 (me)

im de bess mane, i deed et

thanks a lot for your help, anons. Had to edit SmoothDoom.pk3 in order to make any changes though, but it was well worth it.

>chaingun with SG firing sound
literally why didn't id do this is completely beyond me
holy shit it sounds so much better

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>Man, I'm so fucking overpowered in DoomRPG/DoomRLA
>Maybe I should go play on Armageddon mode
>Get killed by a swarm of "The Hungry" assholes while chaingun guys make swiss cheese out of my cyberwarrior armor

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Does anyone ever gets dreams where they're playing some new RCT2 scenario, and when they wake up they try to recreate it in the editor?

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