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Retard, when his jewish heroes fell.

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His obsession with gin as a grownup drink for big men is just fucking laughable. Faggot, you're doing fucking Let's Plays for fourteen-year-olds who lack real world friendship. The fact that you think you're 'legitimizing' it by sipping on a cocktail just proves what a tone-deaf communist insect you are.

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And only a jew would spew vitriol against Americans like you. I've met Europeans, and they're completely ambivalent. Only you, the jew, would try this D&C bullshit. You are a despicable creature.

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The mods are commies.

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/vr/ is extremely unintelligent besides their extremely autistic understanding of soldering computer parts. I will defend them from the jews.

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>RPGs are a grinding genre
Reminder that anyone who thinks this literally doesn't have the IQ necessary to appreciate the genre. This is the type of person who will walk into a new shop, see the prices, and immediately think that he needs to grind out the gold to get the optimal equipment. Guess what retard? You don't need the optimal equipment. RPGs are essentially an optimization puzzle, and you just failed it.

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Getting pissed about re-labeling is some coin-collector tier autism.

I thought the general consensus here was that only massive faggots give a fuck about the value of their collection. Why are people so triggered by someone not wanting to look at some super shitty looking label?

I picked up a copy of X3 a few years ago and the label looked like complete garbage. I got a replacement label off of ebay and re-labeled it so I didn't have to look at some nasty-ass cumstained looking label whenever I wanted to play some Mega Man.

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