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cats are awesome -Doug hates cats and see what kind of person he is!

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You are just getting lazy now. (You)s withdrawal is hitting you, isn't it?

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tonight on unsolved mysteries...

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Speaking of FF7...

I just started it back up again. Keep in mind I'm a total new friend to this game, and haven't played it in over a year since I last put it down.

I'm on Disc 1, at Mt. Nibel. I'm using Cloud, Tifa, and Red XIII.

All 3 are around level 25, but I feel like my materia setup is garbage. Every random encounter takes a while and is pretty damn strong around Mt. Nibel.

Is my materia set up just shit, or am I supposed to be somewhere else? Keep in mind I have no idea what I'm doing.

I THINK (and, I haven't played in over a year and don't know this game) I already did that haunted house with Vampire dude, but I'm not sure.

How should I build, where should I go? Game is not enjoyable as-is right now.

Pic unrelated.

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