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Former timelinefag here. I used to debate this shit endlessly from about 2002 to 2010 on GameFAQs. I even got into cross-website wars with rival theorists from Zelda Universe at one point. I don't regret it, it was a fun past time, but as you'd expect, the release of the Hyrule Historia timeline killed whatever passion I had for the subject.
>mfw reading about the "Link dies" """""timeline"""""

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I can kinda appreciate the complaints on this graph but
>cluttered platform edge
I cannot wrap my head around this one at all. This is just fucking idiotic nitpicking. How can a ledge be "cluttered"?
Also, why do you have 993 remake comparison images, according to the filename?

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I was playing Death Foretold at hurt me plenty with max enemies. Standard iwads
Now I'm playing accessories to murder with doom the way id did at ultra violence and even with the higher difficulty it feels very easy. I don't understand if I got better or if the mod is easier.

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>it is a really good game. it's way better than the genesis release. the atmosphere is amazing, the music is great, and the story is cool.
The only part of this that could be considered correct would be the story, and that's because it's not an original story.
It's far too alive and bright to have good atmosphere for the setting.

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>that Kindergarten Cop/Silent Hill connection

What the fuck?

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