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>cheetos mac n cheese microwavable pre-made

jesus fucking christ anon, just because you're american doesn't mean you need to eat disgusting garbage. t. american

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>the psx version of xmen vs street fighter

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>this shit is avoidable if you just cheat and hack and use modded saves

Might as well just give yourself a full pokedex from a downloaded save file if you're going to cheat and call it legit just because you used other people's legit source data. You went to incredible length and detail in the pursuit of an idiotic addition to the thread.

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it finally happened, I found a /vr/ thread that I could not at all distinguish from a /v/ thread. Everything from buzzword spam, to woj posting, to fucking clueless idiots pretending they know anything about shit that happened when they were kids or before they were born, to just totally unrelated off-topic posts, and all to the tune of 100+ replies omitted, click reply to view.

Have I never seen bad thread on /vr/? Of course not, there's literally years of sega-flavored shitposting and forced memes now in the archives. I've even seen a thread or two where I asked "what the fuck did I click /v/" and had to reaffirm. This one though, this has to be one of the worst threads I've seen on /vr/. It has everything wrong with /v/ all with the thin veil of being "retro" in the same worthless way that any /v/ OP with porn is on-topic to asking about a given game covered in its post body.

Can't believe it but I really think /vr/ is finally dead. The nukes were just a few days, but the fallout will probably last forever. I think it's time to accept death over trying to accept this garbage any longer.

Announcing my fucking sage, give me a ban faggot mods, I know you won't.

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>collecting anything but the rarest of the rare
theres literally no point in having most of those games phsyically when you could just buy some terabyte HDDs and download the entire systems library, far cheaper and can easily be duplicated incase your entire collection goes up in flames lmao

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>stacking your games on top of each other
get some better shelves

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>Ogre Battle

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