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I'd at least play through The Sword mission personally. It'd be hell of something to miss out on. The few first missions go like this:
1 Baffords - Stealth
2 Craigsleft - Zombies on first 2 levels, stealth 80% of the mission
3 Bonehoard - Crypt, zombies, monsters, god tier atmosphere in the Hall of Echoes though
4 Assassins - Stealth. Very similar to first mission
5 Thieves Guild - Stealth
6 The Sword - Stealth, hard as nails and prob the best part of the game
After that it's a total mixed bag and the game expects for you to roll with the punches. The game has higher highs but lower lows. If the story parts from The Sword aren't grabbing your interest them maybe just skip to Thief 2. It'll spoil a lot of the first game but it's pure stealth. If you do end up going that route I'd go back and play Thief 1 and see if it's better once you gotta better feel for the game.

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