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I like how Calebs voice cracks when he laughs or screams, it make me think his regular voice is just an act and then it becomes really funny

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"they're gonna need a bucket and a mop when I'm done with you"

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How do I make the cutscenes work in GDX?

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This is pretty much it.
Caleb's ideal fighting style is basically a highly mobile blitzkrieg, one of the only one man army video game protags who makes any sense.
His ideal fighting style is a guy who runs around, jumping and shit at a crazy speed, laying down a crazy volley of fire with scarily decent accuracy. If he takes a hit he has a real problem until he gets close enough to someone to take a big bite out of their heart after he rips it out of their chest.

Fun fact: Caleb was inspired by the Saint of Killers from Preacher.

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There's a new gdxBlood video up!

So far it seems there is
>fully functional level data, including geometry, textures, sprites, triggers, moving sectors, enemy placement, effects and particles
>enemies sprites and animations loading (but no AI)
>mostly functional weapons, except for some bugs with projectiles staying in the world instead of disappearing on hit (might also not deal any damage? Hard to tell, could be monsters health not working yet)
>(some?) working items and pickups
>working hud, text, end level graphics
>no sound or music

I'm really impressed with the work this guy accomplished in a mere couple of months. The hardest thing left to do might be monster AI, and he's shown in an earlier video that he managed to import the zombie's data from the original game without much trouble, so even that might not take that much time after all!
If he keeps up the pace, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw some sort of beta release before the end of winter.


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Anyone wanna play Blood multiplayer with me? BloodBath or coop - whatever you want. You gotta have those installed: DosBox 0.7x, Hamachi, and, of course, latest (1.21) version of Blood itself. No more that eight persons allowed in the same game session.

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