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Very close, not everything is there, like, helper marines won't spawn (though I don't miss them, honestly, they were just trouble and they got themselves killed quickly), some bounce and smoke behavior is somewhat different, as ZDoom just handles projectiles and stuff differently, but it's passable.
The bayonet is now silent and won't wake up enemies.
The teargas grenade (which I fucking LOVE so much, goddamn I want to marry it), uses two grenades, while I think it used five in the original.

Recoil is a little bit different. Ammo drops are somewhat tweaked
The revolver and the Beretta seems to drop very rarely, I only once or twice found the revolver while playing through Bloodstain, I don't recall if it was that rare in the original.
The enemy marines have a bit of pallette applied to them, so they don't look bright green, like what a friendly marine would look like.

That said, the author actually went through the trouble of making the dynamic lighting look fairly similar to how it looks in the original Edge mod, which I think is pretty cool.

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