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pity, there's really no reason to talk about this topic lol

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>Check out this tetris roguelike dungeon crawler:
>and check out this 3D rendition of Zelda 2 Adventure of Link:
>They both play in your browser and they're neat takes on retro games!

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If the one year crunch to push the game out with reused gaming assets wasn't a random and unnecessary annoyance, then how is the game mechanic of three days repeated that either? Try to imagine that the stress the developers felt creating the game has been faithfully represented in the game and you might gain a new appreciation and perspective on it.
The game revolves around it so it's far from contrived. Sadly the game was supposed to feature a repeating week but they had to cut it down to the nitty and gritty to make the deadline. Once you can immerse yourself in the world and embrace the atmosphere of the game it becomes an enriching experience and you'll understand the love the game gets. Like the three day cycle, you'll find yourself returning to play through the game again because you enjoy it too.
I'm not sure what the worst Zelda game I've played would end up being. I'm not sure if I can lump any of them into that, except for maybe Botw, maybe, because it's such a stark contrast from the rest of the series and I'm salty that there's a lack of content and laughable over abundance of repetitive content such as the bite sized shrines and the kokorok seed collectibles. Botw doesn't revolve around them for plot related reasons so it's more egregious to me personally.

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How could you ever travel to the moment you left if you traverse time? To onlookers you vanish from existence if you go even a second forward or backward. Every time traversal transports the traveler to another universe entirely, suppose a time machine is better deemed a dimension machine.
If you presume that all of time exists somewhere in the grand scheme of existence then time travelers have always existed and always will, hopping dimensions for all eternity. It's possible that the brain is actually a conduit for a mind which is in fact a time machine, and that time machines are all sentient, that that's in fact what a soul is; is a time traveler.
It's possible that the only one traveling time is Lord God Creator of the universe who not only interacts with you personally from time to time, but intends on meeting up with you at the point of your death, death only being the moment of time traversal for conscious entities.

If you couldn't tell I'm really into time things. When I was little I came up with a few theories that actually ended up aligning with Stephen Hawking's own ideas. Neat stuff.

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Spending 400 hours in Morrowind seems easy enough, but how you managed to do it in Skyrim is a true blue mystery. You musta had a killer time with modifications.

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I think the overly cryptic secrets while inexcusable today, were probably intended to be discovered through word of mouth more than anything. When the game was first released, everyone was playing and everyone was talking. All it took was for one guy to discover a hidden cave and mention it to someone for everyone to start trying things out. It could've been made clearer I suppose. More in-game clues could've been present.

That aside, I really like the replayability of Zelda 1. You can reach the end by going through dungeons in random orders, skipping over certain items entirely. You don't even need a sword to reach Ganon.

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It's crazy how games like OoT and MM were just rated E and released to the public and we all played them, I think I was like eight when MM was released

And we played these games as children and went through these dark ass transformative experiences and our parents or non-gamers are like "Oh yeah vidya games, whoopdee doo," or "gamers" whose only idea of games is CoD, Ass Creed, Ass Effect, Biocock...

Back in my day video games were a secret world of emotion. And the way things are going, it will remain secret forever.

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