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Dont mind me, just being the best game ever.

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Is it any good?

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I do agree, but since Mega Man's level layout is the same each time you play it, I lump them together a little.

And yes I know it's odd for me to be on forum for old games when a solid 90% of them never interested me. But that's the case for all games, and the games that I do like, I really fucking like. So whatever.

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>Once again, the game is good or it is not.

That's why I explicitly said that it doesn't make a game bad. But they also don't exist in a vacuum.

Pole Position was a lot more impressive when it was the only game like that around. It's not a bad game, but it's also not an amazing game. And with little else to compare it to, it was very impressive at the time. When you do compare it to other racers that would come later though, it's obviously primitive and in the end not as interesting to play.

That's the real concept here. Not that Pole Position isn't fun. But the reason why in 1982 someone wanting to play a racing game would very likely choose to play it, where as in 1992 they very likely would not.

I loved the hell out or Rogue as a kid and played it endlessly. It's not a bad game by any means. But there's also little reason to play it now since many others have now taken that base idea and improved upon it.

That doesn't make it bad.

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>What people REALLY need to keep in mind is that video games were considered children's toys up until Call of Duty took of as a cultural phenomenon. That's why you only saw all this child killing stuff on PC

You're partially correct. When you say "video games" what you actually mean is home consoles. Arcades were often frequented by adults and PC gaming as you even point out always skewed older as well.

The thing with CoD and Halo is that was when a genre that before that had primarily existed on PC's moved to home consoles which changed the landscape.

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This is why it's important to remember that different kinds of games appeal to different kinds of people. Not that I don't like a nice tightly focused action game, but I also love games based around exploring.

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I've never liked ascii graphics, but Rogue and roguelikes are many of my favorite games. It also doesn't help that virtually every tile set that gets made is ugly as fuck as well. They're still some of the most fun games around though so it doesn't really matter.

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>For example, in games like Pac-Man, having a ghost that moves randomly could fuck up a bit, if not entirely, a pre-planned strategy.

In my opinion, a well designed game is one where you can't go in with a pre-planned strategy and play it exactly the same as you did last time. At that point it's not really a game, it's a lengthy exercise in memorization.

The best games incorporate randomness in some way in order to make them more interesting on multiple playthroughs.

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I highly recommend giving Rogue a whirl. It's a fantastic example of simple interface and graphics hiding a very complex and enjoyable game. Also if you like it, it spawned an entire genre that you can spend a lifetime playing.

It honestly irritates me that people are trying to take over this board with their generals. Generals are usually horrible cesspools. People can make whatever threads if they want. Part of the reason people come to 4chan is the avoid this kind of regulation.

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>People don't want to play a game that consists of hitting "Attack" menu over and over again.

Tell that to the daily FF threads.

Anyways, I love new games as much as I love old games. There are differences, but sometimes it's the limitations in older games that end up making them interesting. There are games I've been going back to time and again for over 30 years and still have fun.

The same as I grew up loving chess and then got into Dungeons and Dragons. D&D is a much more complex game than Chess, but they're both interesting and fun in their own ways.

Tl;dr the invention of new games doesn't automatically remove the fun that already existed in older games.

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I don't remember which one I booted up first, but when we got our first computer a friend of my father's gave us a disk with a bunch of stuff on it. The ones I remember were 3-Demon, Jumpman, Qbert and Rogue.

Rogue blew my mind. I never even came close to beating or understanding half of what was going on until many years later, but I played it like crazy. Maniacal laughter in the distance still haunts me.

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Toss up between Sega Genesis and GBC. But also old PC was pretty great. I'm having a tough time picking...

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>Retro games are games that are arcadey

This is simply not correct. It's not what retro means at all. You can't just change the meanings of words so they suit what you want them to mean. Retro means it's old.

Rogue is as retro as anything and it's not arcadey in the slightest.

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Yeah, it would never catch on.

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I don't remember what the first one I tried was, but when we got our first computer some friend of the family gave us some disks with games on them. Jumpman, Qbert and the like. The one that really got my attention though was Rogue. I would play that for hours and hours at a time.

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Here's my little story.

I remember when I was 12 or so the first computer or gaming system of any sort we got was this thing my mother called an IBM clone. No clue at all what it actually was, but some friend of the family gave us a bunch of disks with games on them. I thought most were garbage, even back then but there was Jumpman and this weird thing that was like PacMan but in super simple first person perspective.

Then there was this other game, this weird little dungeon explorer that I thought was the coolest thing in the world. Even compared to Jumpman it looked really simple, just ascii characters and letters. But every time you went in, the whole dungeon and all the items were different and it was hard and scary as fuck. I would find a scroll, read it and just hear maniacal laughter in the distance. Then inevitably an Ibis or a Kestral or something would find me and slaughter me. I felt accomplished in any run where I could even make it to the second floor. But ohh how I loved it and I would play for hours at a time.

The game of course, was Rogue and very famous. But I had no idea back then and for many years I just thought it was some weird random game like the others that was largely unknown and forgotten by anyone. It was only in the mid 00's that I discovered it not only wasn't forgotten but had spawned an incredible genre all on it's own.

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I've never seen anyone here talk about Rogue. Roguelikes, sure. But never straight up Rogue. This was the first game I was ever really obsessed with.

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is there an alternate download for Donnie Russels Rogue? He did a pretty bitching Windows port for it but his websites down

also, Roguelike general

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Sup /vr/

I've played a few roguelikes before, including Rogue, but I admit I've never gotten terribly into them before. Are there any roguelikes out there that you guys would suggest playing? I'd take anything from older stuff from the 70s and 80s, to anything modern that's worthwhile. I admit, something with a bit more emphasis on classes and skills would be nifty, but I'm open to anything. Fire away.

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It was this, Zork I, Pacman, or Missile Command.

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