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But which is the authentic experience?!?!?!

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Emulation is for people who care first and foremost about the games, retro shittery is for mentally ill söy retard luddites pretending there was ever some sort of unified "true" experience.

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Works on my machine :^)

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I mostly agree with the sentiment of your post, but there is an appreciable difference between s-video and RGB. Not as big as the difference between composite and s-video, but a difference nonetheless.

That said I do only use RGB for SNES, as all of my other retro consoles require modding to do RGB and I don't want to put effort into that.

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Whatever the devs intended, amirite?

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new thread where?

asking here just in case anyone manages to reply before thread dies

my university has some PVMs around, they don't use them anymore so I'm thinking of asking them to give/sell me one of those, if they do, I have these ideas:

>buy an RGB cable for my Wii, connect it to PVM and play emulators with it (wii has homebrew installed)
>buy a raspberry pi and an HDMI to RGB converter, connect it to PVM and play emulators with it (dunno how good/bad the video quality will be tho)

are any of these ideas worth trying? or are they both shit? if so, pls tell me why, I just wanna play SNES games on a PVM properly like pic related

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