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Ow! My arm!

A 'weapon' you get with each backpack pickup is a portable automated turret, primary fire deploys it, it sits in place, and stands watch, anything that gets in it's range gets fired upon, this can be phenomenally useful when deployed correctly.

The secondary deploys some kind of healer bot, I don't really use it that much, but it resurrects dead monsters to fight for you. It feels weird to me but some might like it.

Monsters are much harder, which I like.
Zombies are often meaner, the zombie with the M16 does a lot of damage if you let him, and sometimes he will drop a grenade on death, very dangerous (but this can also be to your benefit), shotgunners hurt more, really, all bullets hurt more.

Specters are faster, stronger and hurt more than regular pinkies.
Lost souls are now stealth monsters.

Big ammo pickups, and big health pickups (soulsphere replacement) can be picked up partially, leaving an open box for you to pick up more from if you already reach full health or carry of that item, so you can come back to that later without having to waste it all. This is a feature which I very much like.

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