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Konamis TMNT entries are so iconic to the NES library that be willing to argue at least some part of their fanbase are fans strictly because of their games

Their NES entries are on the same level as Mega Man, Castlevania and Punch-out just in terms of how iconic they are for the machine

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>Turtles in Time
>Hyperstone Heist
>Manhattan Project
>Radical Rescue

'87 TMNT Konami games are honorary /vr/ godfathers and genuinely an iconic part of the NES/SNES eras who deserve equal respect with the best of it

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Based and correct TMNT3 niggas

On topic; TiT>Heist. Its got more variety with its settings while Heist has a tendancy to drag since its levels go on for too long and the bosses kind of suck. Defo a solid game though.

I think you might be misremembering anon - Heist is significantly longer than TiT on account of its longer levels.

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You just posted it. Hell, I think its neck and neck with TiT - The harder difficulty is nice and it has a lot of variety in enemies and levels.

Also any PAL anons who know if the game ever came out in Europe? I can swear someone said it had a limited release but I can't find any proof

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