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I did, I just didn't have any fitting image to respond with.

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What are some good megawads that have their own artstyle/theme?

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>not naming the file "We serve DOOM here, sir"
Can't ya even?

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>People that use the blood floor texture as a damaging floor.
This has annoyed me from day 1. Is the player taking aids damage from it or something?

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This probably means we won't get that Romero megawad now.

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Sure, I'm not getting any wiser at this.

>The hand is just awful.
I know, I made the point that half of the graphics are ugly as shit, if any of you want to, feel free to make them not shit.

>It's because you're using what is obviously the top of a marine arm for the "bottom," the inside of even Robin Williams' arms wouldn't be that hairy, and the angle is all wrong
Yeah, it made more sense back... 2 or 3 years ago when I didn't know what the fuck I was doing, and I looked at it and thought "yeah, looks good enough, lol"

>The hand looks okay but the arm needs replaced ASAP
I honestly think the hand looks like shit too.
I literally just drew over and pasted over the original AvP arms because there was no way I could make any of the original Doom arms and hands fit in a good manner. If you look at the gun itself on the last few pump-frames, it looks blurry, atrocious, and off in scale.

My logic was basically, you'd never really get a good look on some of the frames because of how they'd move over the screen quickly.

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