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I've posted stuff as untested.

Mostly because I found something in a lot, or from a storage locker or from a rental property and I didn't have a console anymore.

For awhile I didn't have a Gameboy Advance, and I found a bunch of GBA games. What am i supposed to do? I literally could not test them at the time and I wasn't going to go buy a GBA just to verify they worked. They looked clean, I posted pictures of the boards, I just had absolutely no way to test them at the time.

I get that for a lot of things "untested" means "I know it doesn't work" especially if its a console lot with all the appropriate hook ups, that should signal a red flag immediatley.

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>tfw I played around with the idea of opening an Arcade

I think its just not feasible.
A "club" is more likely to happen. I may just end up converting my garage into a retro heaven.

I'll probably make a few mame cabs just for the sake of interest and some occasional fun, consoles, and a nice couch or recliners, and a Mini-fridge stocked with beer and soda's. Maybe throw a pinball machine in there too.

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