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would you?

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This apparently hurt some peoples' feelings.

Is this offensive to you?

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I still keep hoping HDoom dev adds female zombies like pic related. Red eyed possessed female soldiers would be fun and pretty hot.

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Doom 1 handles normal hitscan enemies fine because their hitscan is limited by their damage, fire rate, and health: Zombiemen do fuck all, and Shotgunners can take a real bite out of you at close range on UV, but both go down very quickly, so they can be handled even with a pistol if you needed to. They can be made scarier by having them ambush the player at close, but that's about it. The Mastermind is a motherfucker, but it's weaker than the Cyberdemon and has something like half a second of windup to give you at least some chance to book it behind cover and not get murked on sight. Its high rate of fire also makes it easily start infights; I just played MAP18 of Scythe and I witnessed a wonderful scene of two Arachnotrons take down a Mastermind all by themselves.

The Chaingunner in Doom 2 is just on the edge of ridiculous. It has a really heavy damage output, really high rate of fire, and it's beefier than an Imp, so it loses pretty much all of the negatives that the hitscanners normally have. Plutonia shows that they're really good at laying heavy suppression and functioning as basically walking turrets, but using them as ambush enemies can be pretty cruel. I still like em, though.

The only time hitscan weapons are a problem is if there's no chance to react and/or they do immense damage. Strife has this problem in spades, especially with the Reavers.

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>tfw no qt undead girls in HDoom

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The chaingunner in Doom is already dead.

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And she's done!

I know now I did some silly decisions when I started making it and I should have changed it (like the hard outlines), but I don't have much time for this so I'll just let it be for now.

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