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It's like >>1268065 said.
We're a pretty young board.

I'm sure some of us are working on some p cool WADs.

>or either that they dismiss them just because they're of 4chan origin.

This is what would annoy me too, if I make a map and say "thanks to 4chan /vr/ for helping me along the way too" I'd get some fuckheads being like "Durrr evul 4chan's comin 2 git meeee! durrr it's all evil and racist and everything i dont like!" because they watch too much fox news or browse too much reddit.

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>Same filename
>Same filesize
>Same dimensions


I THINK they just saw it in the past 2 threads, but nothing BIG happened (no pun intended). They understood that was part of a surprise since we've been preparing this sub-board WAD and stopped asking about it

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