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the texture scheme would've had to be different but it easily could replace E2M3. Some changes in architecture too, particularly on the side passages in the center area (the ones that become squidlike) and the area off to the left of where the player starts.

The only thing hard about e3m3 was the 2 barons since the hallways were just wide enough to trick you into trying to run past them. It was worth grabbing the BFG just to destroy them because they take so long to kill with the chaingun and shotgun.

I LOVE e3m2. It happens early in the mapset so you aren't entitled to a rocket launcher. There are alot of obstacles and most of the enemies are zombies who can shoot you right through them. Having the Cacos chase you and appear unexpectedly is also a nailbiter. This is one of those maps where it would be prudent to drop an SSG somewhere, except doom doesnt have one, which makes this map a tiny bit hard. Those shotgun sergeants sprinkled throughout the map will probably take a tidy bit of your health off.
> this map is also a wakeup call to use the Berserk to replenish your health when its low, since you get a full 100, its worthwhile to just wait until you're in your 20s or 30s healthwise before you grab it.
> if you were using the Berserk before just because of the punching action, I think this map is going to punish you because you'll get bit by demons alot, fireball'd by cacos, and there isnt all that much health here.
> getting that plasma gun is almost useless HERE, but its a smug grin of a reward for the following levels, an ace up your sleeve.

Its like something out of a gritty fantasy movie, or Emyn Muil ("a labyrinth of razor sharp rocks") from LOTR.

I fucking LOVE it. Im just sad that its not bigger, doesnt end up turning into some MMO style shit with 300 monsters to kill, lots of slopes to traverse and trying to find a way to get to switches just out of reach.
> the map is shaped like I hand
> I wish it could jack me off

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son of a b...
the threat meter... presses green swtich and it moves up to It Begins

And all those Shareblue nazis (yknow thats got to be what its representing)

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Now about the monsters, but i will name them after the thing they replace

The zombiemen replacers actually surprised me, i am so glad you actually did my old-ass idea to give the archers elemental arrows, those icy arrows caught me by surprise
The fucking steel dukes make me laugh because these either devastate you or they die so fast and the pitched Duke Nukem voice clips are funny
The Black Viper (i think that's the chaingunner replacer) are decent to fight against, but fuck these when they're crowded, the shield is also MVP against these shits
The imp surprised me too, and to an extend the rest of the monster lineup, they all have different attacks when they are at a distant range [FUCK THE BONELORD THOUGH]
The wyvern is like a throwback to MSX's cacodemons where they can be a threat at close range, but you're a bigger threat too
The bomb knight is probably one of the easier monsters to farm power, but those bombs actually hurt like fuck so i just take my time with these shits
The revenants are amazing but god damn, the swings launching infighting enemies are funny as fuck. And again as the imp, it surprised me that these shits do the homing fireball attack from a distance
The arachnotron replacer is THAT STANK BITCH, same goes for the manc replacer, if you either don't have cover or the shield, these fuckers are doing big damage, these things are why i stock up with ammo for everything
The bonelord is just THAT FUCKING STANK BITCH, took me a minute to realize that you need to "gib" him so he actually fucking dies, and the fact that you used Shao Khan voice clips triggers me even more due to my MK experience.
And the lost soul replacer is an adorable but annoying fellow, mostly adorable tAlso is that Kurashiki who voiced the lost soul replacer? If yes that's fucking adorable
I haven't fought the cyberdemon and spidermastermind replacements so i have a lot of fun left for me yet. But overall this update is beyond 10/10

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I wish Necropolis didn't make me feel like I'm cheating.

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