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this post made me sad

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Thats pretty sweet OP

too bad Omaha probably won't get one in the next 15 years

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Fuck, nevermind I'm retarded, so much nostalgia flooding through me at being retarded at Doom navigation.

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> Talents not affected by inefficiency

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>everything is drawn great
>except for the face
>which is a little derpy
Aint that always the way.

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>Keef Kay
... I'm still embarrassed.

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I can't seem to get into classic rpgs. I've tried Baldurs Gate, Fallout and very recently Planescape: Torment.
My problem with them is that it feels like I play "wrong" and there is a lot of minor stuff that really irritates me in these games. When I first started playing BG I hated how the camera worked, but besides that I had quite a lot of fun talking with npcs, recruiting companions etc. But as soon as I started entering combat I died way too often, and reloading doesn't really help the immersion. I played as a mage and I guess that is not a good beginners choice but still. I just got sick of it.

Fallout I quite liked but unfortunatly it had too many technical problems.

Finally: Torment. I created my character with high strength/con just to be safe if there would be combat (since I hate being stuck because of combat in these games) but then I realised that the game puts an extreme emphasis on dialogue (I didn't know it was THAT important) and since I was a bit lacking in that department, it wasn't easy to be pursuasive when I needed to be. I ended up having to fight the dustmen in the starting area, and also ran into some giant skeletons where morte died. So I closed the game.

I realise that I am being way too impatiant in these games, but it also feels like I am missing some inherent rule that apparantly everybody except for me understands. I do not have much experience in cRPGs but I would really like to get into them, aswell as D&D, and I was hoping that you guys could give me some advice.

The worst part about playing these games and giving up is that it becomes so much harder to start them up again (since I like to start over if it has been a while) and have to replay all of the first parts of the game.

I hope you guys don't bash me for perhaps being an asshat and that you instead will share your experience me so that I can enjoy these games as much as you do. Any advice/tips?

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>tfw I played competitive TF2 for years before suddenly realising it was shit

all those wasted hours

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