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Obligatory PC-98 gif

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Are you gonna cherry pick games literally nobody gives a fuck about like sports shovelware?

There's also nothing wrong with dithering you dumb nigger, it's what makes the PC 98 look so fucking great.

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What are the essential PC98 games you can play in English /vr/?

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Bump for the love of pixel art

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Mad Paradox, by Queen Soft. The same devs that did the game with the gif that everyone likes to post. The game that gets lauded as one of the best games for the PC98 by those that never actually played anything for it. THAT game.

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>Does it use layers?
No layers unfortunately.

>Alternatively I guess one could start the image in Multipaint to acquire the proper color palette and finish it in other other software.
You could also just set the image to 16 color indexed in the other software too. And make sure the red, green and blue value of each color you choose has a hex value like 00, 11, 22, etc.

That said, I like the dithering effects of Multipaint. They're very convenient to use. And the ability to have the brush only paint on top of certain colors and behind others is quite useful. Not just the standard brush, but the other tools as well. Even the copy tool where you select a part and have it cloned in another part of the picture could probably be used to produce effects like pic-related if you first put a scanline pattern over one image with a color you don't use and then clone the other image only on top of that color. It's probably not that hard to do with layers either, but still pretty cool how much is possible with the limitations.

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>Amigas were used to help the creation of games on other formats. For example, Japanese studio Game Freak used them to compose the music for Pokemon.
Why would Nips use Amiga if they had X68k and PC-98? Is it bullshit?

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Thread to discuss PC-98 games. What have you been playing recently?

I've been playing a game called Net Guardian, a wholly unimpressive shoot 'em up from 1997. Both graphically and gameplay wise, it's nothing special at all. The music is decent, but even so, I don't see myself picking up this game again.

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I've played plenty of Japanese games and watched a lot of anime, but I've never tried any of that
>Tengen Zoryetsu Baka-Oniichan 7: Cantata of the Jungian Blade
shit before. What are the best intros into that kind of thing? Pixel art preferred, and Snes and Ps1 would be easiest for me to emulate. Gameplay wise, I'm down for anything, but something simple would be best to start, rather than complex waifu simulators or mystery games. Also, I can only read English, of course.
Any recommendations would be appreciated. Does anybody have a chart? Do you guys do charts?

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It's exactly the same. Just run Blarggs and zfast-crt and laugh at the incels with their 600lbs dino tvs while I lounge on my couch with a ps3 controller and my 58" 4K monster cock

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PC-98 games have some interesting examples if you’re into chinkshit

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These aesthetics look really nice but are these games worth that kind of effort?

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I'm looking for a site where I can find sprite rips or ending screen of PC-98 games, does anybody knows a site like that?

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