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>the Atari One

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good, good, now gender swap them

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>ebay just launched
>bought a collection with literally all mint condition CiB SNES+LttP+FF2+FF3+Secret of Mana+Secret of Evermore+Illusion of Gaia+Earthbound+Super R-Type+SMW+Super Mario RPG+a bunch more games+a fat stack of player guides
>$80 USD

Even at the time it was an insane deal. Seller didn't even advertise that they were complete or in pristine condition.

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>the party fails their quest at the peak of Mt. Doom and the nazgul take the ring
>2 year time skip
>Frodo awakens on a remote island where Sam had been taking care of him
>the two take a raft back to the mainland
>death and destruction everywhere
>travel the post-apocalyptic wastelands and find the lost members of the fellowship
>discover ancient powerful elven artifacts and gain summoned spirits like Tom Bombadil
>epic final battle against One Winged Sauron
>strike him down only to witness the true last boss, Morgoth, descend into Middle Earth once again in his physical form
>that's when the game really starts

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>be kid
>"borrow" games from classmates
>"forget" to return them
>they keep lending me games anyways

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>goes bankrupt
>releases full source code and database for EQ

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>yfw User loads up Violated Heroine

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