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Bang sounds like a fitting bang.
Magazine going in sounds like a magazine going in.

It vaguely looks like a Hi-Point though, or one of it's progenitors, so maybe that's why it sounds kind of cheap.
The shotgun was actually digitized from a Winchester 1300 shotgun (with some aftermarket parts), which I believe was owned by George Broussard, so I wonder if the pistol was also digitized from a real gun owned by one of the devs, or if they just went the Id Software route (where they just bought a squirt-gun modeled after a Beretta, spraypainted it black, then did some post editing).

>It's an excellent starting weapon as FPSes go
>and it remains useful throughout the game
Agreed. Need to set off some explosives? Rattle off some rounds. Need to go into underwater combat with some sluggish octobrains? Perfect fit, it even sounds deep and meaty underwater too, I love this.

>decent fire rate/DPS,
>sounds good
>reloading looks cool
Yep. I particularly like how the reloading is fast and instant, only briefly interrupting your shooting, and it makes sense too from a gameplay perspective, since this makes it more of a separate weapon from the Ripper Chaingun Cannon, and in a little bit of a world-building kind of way, it shows Duke being experienced and trained, knowing his way around guns very well.

Eeh, sort of, switch shooting puzzles can be a bit of a chore/drawn out because it actually doesn't shoot all that straight at any long distance, but for closer quarters it's good enough to hit mansized targets (or larger) and just magdumping.

I definitely think it's the best starting weapon of the 2.5D FPS era, because it's actually pretty useful. The fact that it DOESN'T share it's ammo pool with the machinegun or other weapon also makes it much more useful, because it means you have something to fall back on proper if you're out of belt and shells for your other firearms, especially given how many magazines you can carry.

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