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I don't know what popular doom mods use, but some tricks I've used (mostly as unreleased experiments/tests):

Parallaxing scaled skybox achieved by moving the skybox camera at 1/8th of player movement and textures scaled x8 in density. This allowed me to make skybox architecture that more or less seamlessly connected to "real" level architecture. Since anything in the skybox took up 1/8th of the real estate of "real" areas, I could make it appear absolutely retarded huge. Planned to use make a sci-fi hive city skyline with suspended bridges and stuff but the project died because the other guy didn't deliver on his part.

Perfectly straight laser beams made by scaling a 3d model in height then tilting it in pitch to point wherever, rather than a line of sprites.

Faking roll of a 3d model in zandronum which otherwise doesn't support that by defining 360/5 frame names with tiny non-dynamic roll offsets between them, then "rolling" the model by setting it's state explicitly in ACS depending on a fakeroll variable

Sending a generic argument to a shader by hijacking a sprite's alpha channel for rotating it before SpriteRoll was a thing. Was trying to use bit level manipulation to pack several separate values into it which I was going to use to apply spherical shading to a model, but never got it to work (bit level stuff is above my level).

Freezing a specific actor without altering the code of that actor (monster mod compatibility), so no actual freeze states. And the only built in function for freezing an actor makes it invulnerable. I did it by morphing it to a generic FrostyTheSnowman actor to which I copied the current/max health, sprite, frame, and collision size of the victim. Fire would thaw it and any other damage would make it burst into shards.

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bullying is fun

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