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>I cleared all I can out, the only path left I can see needs a blue key which I'm guessing is in these dumb fully enclosed areas in a water oasis in the lava pools, and I can't jump high enough to reach them

1. go in green building
2. find hidden teleporter*
3. teleport
4. run over into red box**
5. teleport into y-shaped red/blue building
6. find key

for a better-written walkthrough i suggest the wiki.


* apparently standard fare for 90's D&D players, who expect you to search constantly for secret doors? that's what i heard anyway, and NetHack is the same. also you could wonder why the building is so heavily guarded but doesn't appear to contain anything other than a berserk box and think "hmm maybe i should search". anyway the candles on the floor give it away in my opinion.

** if you want 100% secrets go for the chainsaw first. if you don't it will rise up out of reach and you won't get a second chance to jump for it.

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