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Hideous Destructor question -

Should I be going out of my way to avoid destroying nukage barrels? I'm not entirely positive on if they release *more* frag energy shards to revive monsters if they're in the barrel, or if they're exploded. Do you move them away from corpses, if so? Or do you punch corpses away from them? What's their radius for reviving?

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Thanks for reminding me about that, shithead

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no i was talkign about the previous mission where you cross the wallpeaks but killing all of the commanders was so stupid, why did he have to go full autism, why did he have to kill the peasants, why didnt i get to know what the fuck was going on because i finished the maps too fast and the story was like one paragraph per week.

Yeah my stats were superb but still my comanders were with me through the entrie campaign adn they had pritty much 80% of the stats due to stackign and letting them do the fights after Tarnum reaches level cap

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