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So when a man dies, his soul goes to heaven, but body to hell and becomes a zombie? What if he was a cunt? Does his soul go to hell (and perhaps becomes a soulsphere or something)? In that case, does that mean his body becomes a heaven zombie? Angel, I would assume. So... Angels are soulless creatures?

Fuck, life is scary.

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Good night /doom/. Tomorrow another day will have been lived unproductively, pushing us closer to death.

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Here's an idea for mappers: The Sin Palace.

Wrath: kill the demons who stand still in 1x1x1 rooms with their back turned to you - it's clear from a distance that there are no secrets in the three walls around them.
Avarice: punch an enemy while being maxed out on ammo to every gun.
Envy: kill a friendly marine who holds a plasma gun/BFG9000.
Lust: try to use a semon demon in the secret location.
Gluttony: drink every potion on the map.
Sloth: save/load on the map.
Hubris: try to exit the level undamaged with max armor.

Wrath spawns cyberdemon with twenty five demons.
Avarice spawns dozens of cacodemons, initially 10, then another 10 when you kill one, then another ten when you kill one.
Envy turns every other line on the floor to acid leaving you on 3 safe squares and spawns three pain elementals.
Lust spawns three archviles and 6 chaingunners.
Gluttony spawns 8 mancubi.
Sloth spawns two spider masterminds.
Hubris spawns marine with the same health, armor and weapons as you. He shoots from whatever you shoot.

Finishing level sinnless you enter the next stage as usual. Finishing level with at least one, but less than 7 sins makes your next level free flight white space, there's no obstacles around, below or above, you have no weapons and everything is completely white, no lighting.
Finishing level with all of the sins on difficulty setting lower than nightmare brings you to the next stage and switches the difficulty to nightmare. Finishing level with all of the sins on nightmare brings you to an entirely different set of levels, all in hell and of course keeps the difficulty setting. Final boss is four final bosses of doom 2 in one hall, each on each wall of the monument in the center. There's a secret with romero's head which is accessible with no cheats, but it's basically impossible to figure out.

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That's why my gf's ass is constantly plugged when outside.
> Smash a bottle on the lost soul's skull
> Turn to pain elemental
>> What the fuck are you looking at? Got a problem?
> He doesn't dare to open his mouth and flies away

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